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Business backs UN’s Anti-Corruption Day

  • 9 December 2003

The International Chamber of Commerce today joined in celebrating the inaugural International Anti-Corruption Day.

The United Nations launched the initiative to raise awareness of corruption and the role of the new UN Convention against Corruption.

Member states are signing the UN Convention at a political conference that opened here today.

The Convention represents a major step forward in the fight against corruption, making the prohibition of corruption an integral part of the international public order.

Fransois Vincke, Chairman of ICC’s Commission on Anti-Corruption said: “Because corruption is a worldwide problem, global action under the UN Convention is required.”

He added: “This instrument provides a comprehensive framework for dealing with corruption in the public and private sector; this is particularly important for countries not covered by regional conventions and boosts international efforts to combat extortion and bribery.”

Commission Vice-Chairman Fritz Heimann added: “ICC’s commitment to combating international corruption dates back to 1975 when it established a committee chaired by the late Lord Shawcross, former Attorney General of the United Kingdom.

Two years later, his committee issued a groundbreaking report calling for complementary action against corruption by international organizations, national governments, and the business community.”

The 1977 report also led to the ICC Rules of Conduct on Extortion and Bribery in International Business Transactions, whose latest version was issued in 1999.

These rules specify what companies must do to combat corruption.

They have served as a model for numerous corporate compliance policies.

They are supplemented by a detailed guide to compliance – Fighting Corruption: A Corporate Practices Manual.