Climate change

Business and government should work closely on climate change

  • 15 March 2010

Business should work more closely with government to help shape a low-carbon future, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer said during an online webinar organized by ICC.

“While the outcome of Copenhagen only partially responded to expectations, the active engagement of 120 heads of state demonstrated that climate change policy is being explored at the highest political level,” said Mr de Boer. “The Copenhagen Accord is an important step forward as the signatory countries account for more than 80% of greenhouse gas emissions”.

Mr de Boer spoke to over 70 registered participants from around the world who registered for a webinar organized by ICC. The participants posed questions to the UNFCCC Executive Secretary and provided global business perspectives on the way forward from Copenhagen.

Nick Campbell, Chair of the ICC Climate Change Task Force who moderated the online discussion, agreed with Mr de Boer that business has a key role to play in resolving global warming. He added that stepping up the private-public sector dialogue will be critical as we look towards the UNFCCC COP 16 meeting in Cancun, Mexico, at the end of the year.

“Business has already taken substantial action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will continue to increase its efforts,” said ICC Secretary General Jean Rozwadowski, who also took part in the webinar. “It is the most important innovator and investor in clean technologies and can do more if provided with clarity, predictability and flexibility by governments.”

Laurent Corbier, Chair of the ICC Commission on Environment and Energy, remarked: “ICC will increase engagement with national governments to provide detailed business expertise particularly on the key topics of financing and technology to deal with climate change.”

Mr de Boer summed up by stating that the webinar was a useful exercise which he would be happy to repeat in the future.