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Budapest Chamber issues its first ChamberTrust seal

  • 30 March 2012
ICC World Chambers

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) –which has started to develop the ChamberTrust qualification system as a basic corporate rating for its SMEs – issued its first official ChamberTrust Seal to Hippocampus-BRT.

ChamberTrust is an international validation system that offers a complete business marketing solution to companies, validating their online presence and allowing them to easily find new potential business partners worldwide.

Chambers of commerce can put forward their members on a specific market and offer them a high quality and secure service through ChamberTrust.

It enables chambers to ascertain objective information about a given company without considering the subjective data related to the company’s performance. It assists businesses with the anonymity, confidence, trust and branding challenges that they may face on the virtual marketplace.

In Hungary, membership has been mandatory, since 1 January 2012, for companies belonging to all chambers of commerce and regional chambers that have started to use the ChamberTrust system.

BCCI President Kristof Szatmary and WCN ChamberTrust Hungary’s Peter Keszthelyi presented a ChamberTrust certificate to Hippocampus-BRT during an international forum held at BCCI’s headquarters.

The ChamberTrust certificate serves as a valuable document for companies like Hippocampus-BRT – a bioinformatics and bio-regulation R&D company with an international outreach – to approach new markets overseas, as well as the virtual marketplace.

ChamberTrust currently operates in France, Russia, Pakistan, Canada, India, Spain, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and there has been interest from Australia, Cape Verde and Mauritius to join the system.

ChamberTrust is part of a suite of international trade facilitation services available to business from their local chamber of commerce. Other services include the WCN Chamber Directory, Chamber e-Vault and the classic GBX Business Opportunity service.

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