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Breaking down trade barriers aim of ICC tax gathering in India

  • 12 October 2010

ICC India will host its first Taxation Roundtable under the auspices of the ICC Taxation Commission on the 29th October 2010 in New Delhi, India. The event aims to shed light on Indian tax policy and administrative practices. It promises to be highly pertinent given the crucial role tax policies play in providing stability in today’s continually changing international trade climate.

Currently the second largest nation in the world, India has been a constant table-topper in the population charts. The country took the world by storm when it emerged as one of the “tiger economies”, with a stable 7.1% growth in early 2009.  However, for all the progress India has made in recent years it still lacks strong global recognition as a stable and business-friendly country. One of the major questions to be addressed at the conference is whether current plans for change support the journey towards a better investment climate.

With input from globally recognized tax experts, the meeting will be an opportunity to make contrasts and comparisons by examining international practices and initiatives currently in place around the world.

Organized by business for business, the meeting will appeal to tax directors, counsel, policy officials and practioners. It guarantees to bring a unique, fresh perspective to a multitude of taxation issues, and promises to be a capturing debate not to be missed.