Application for the ICC Institute of World Business Law Prize is now open

  • 17 September 2014
ICC Diversity in business

The ICC Institute of World Business Law is pleased to announce the launch of the 5th edition of the ICC Institute Prize. The award is designed to recognize excellent legal writing in the field of international commercial law, including arbitration.

The ICC Institute of World Business Law Prize of €10,000  aims to contribute towards the understanding and progress of international commercial law around the world and to encourage those engaged in focused research on legal issues affecting international business.

Ercument Erdem, Chairman of the Jury and Council Member of the ICC Institute of World Business Law said: “The ICC Institute has been strengthening links between the academic world and legal professionals for over 30 years. This Prize is an initiative that recognizes academic excellence in legal writing.”

“Coming from all continents, past laureates have stimulated original discussions on topics that are not regularly studied and which make an outstanding new contribution to the field of international commercial law,” he added.

The ICC Institute Prize offers the opportunity to academic minds from all over the world to submit their latest research and make their essays available to all arbitration practitioners. Yves Derains, Chairman of the Institute, stated: “A scientific approach to solving legal issues which arise in international business can greatly help enterprises at a global level. Comparative law research can notably allow international trade actors to know about the application of law instruments in more than one jurisdiction.”

Winner of the 4th ICC Institute Prize in 2013, Arno Gildemeister wrote his thesis on “L’arbitrage des différends fiscaux en droit international des investissements” (“Arbitration of tax disputes in international investment law”). Mr Gildemeister strongly encourages law students to take part in future ICC Institute contests: : “The biggest prize is the expansion of one’s mind,” he said.

The prize is open to any person up to the age of 40. Candidates can submit their doctoral dissertations and long essays of a minimum of 150 pages, drafted in French or English on international commercial law.

The ICC Institute of World Business Law is a global think-thank composed of a Council of renowned arbitrators and experts in international law. The mission of the Institute is to foster wider knowledge and the development of the law and practices of international business. The award will be presented in Paris on 30 November 2015 on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the Institute of World Business Law.