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APEC Trade Committee agrees to advance on ad standards

  • 21 March 2013
ICC Global governance

Prior to the 3-4 February meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)’s Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI) in Indonesia, each of the lead representatives of the 21 member economies were urged by ICC to support work advancing advertising standards in the region.

ICC urged 21 member economies to support work advancing advertising standards.
ICC urged 21 member economies to support work advancing advertising standards.

In a letter, ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier expressed global business support and ICC endorsement of an Australian-led initiative to develop common principles for advertising standards across APEC economies with the aim of reducing technical trade barriers. Referring to a report from the November 2012 Dialogue in Hanoi, where government and industry participants issued recommendations, Mr Carrier highlighted the importance of APEC support and follow-up on capacity building proposals to help economies getting started or wishing to further develop national standards to the ICC Code and the best practice model recommendations for self-regulation.

ICC is pleased to note that the APEC CTI has agreed to further work and assigned the follow up to its Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC), which will consider the recommendations from the dialogue and report back to the CTI.

Having both participated and supported the November 2012 dialogue that the Australian Standards Bureau organized as part of their role on the International Council on Advertising Self-regulation (ICAS), ICC welcomes the cooperation arising locally and globally since. National committees and local partners have shared encouraging reports of industry and some government follow up in several economies, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. The ICC Marketing Commission members will continue to support the Australian efforts and to work with them, ICAS, ICC national committees and partners to encourage implementation of the recommendations.

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