Anti-corruption summit: Fast-track enforcement of UN Convention, ICC says

  • 12 May 2016
ICC Combating corruption

The International Chamber of Commerce has issued a statement in response to the communiqué issued at the end of the London anti-corruption summit.

ICC Secretary General, John Danilovich, said: “The London Summit has rightly pinpointed implementation of the UN’s anti-corruption convention as a central priority in the global fight against corruption. Governments must now act to fast-track enforcement efforts under the convention-including through robust review mechanisms.

“We welcome the focus placed by governments on working closely with business to strengthen the fight against all forms of corruption. The good words from the London summit must lead to a concerted push to enhance the sharing of information between public and private sectors to tackle corruption and financial crime. “Make no mistake: the global business community stands shoulder to shoulder with governments in the fight against corruption. We must now move from words to accelerated action to eliminate this scourge on lives and livelihoods throughout the world.”

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