5 reasons to become an ICC Young Arbitrators Forum regional representative

  • 5 December 2018
ICC Young Arbitrators Forum

Calling all young arbitration and ADR practitioners. If you are passionate about dispute resolution and are looking to make your mark in the field, why not apply to become a Regional Representative of the ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF) in your region of the world?

We’re seeking motivated young experts to join our dynamic regional network for the new 2019-2021 mandate. Here are 5 reasons to apply today:

  1. Our network is truly global

As the young practitioners network of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) ICC YAF brings together young lawyers and in-house counsel to provide networking opportunities and strengthen ties among younger members of the international dispute resolution community. The ICC YAF global network includes more than 10,000 members across six Regional Chapters in Africa, Middle East and Turkey, North Asia, South Asia, Europe and Russia, Latin America and North America).

  1. Our events take place from Alger to Zagreb…

ICC YAF organises over 100 events each year worldwide acting as “local” initiatives to inspire and encourage the younger generation of arbitration and ADR practitioners to get together and share their respective experiences in arbitration. From New Delhi to New York, our events take place all over the world both in leading arbitration hubs – including London, Paris, Hong Kong and New York – as well as in cities like Alger, Bangkok, Calgary, Curitiba, Seoul, San Francisco and Zagreb. Often hosted by a law firm, our interactive events are usually followed by networking drinks or other social activities. All activities are globally coordinated by the ICC YAF Global Coordinating Committee in Paris and organized in each region by the ICC YAF Regional Head of Chapter.

  1. The Regional Representative role is diverse and rewarding

As an ICC YAF Regional Representative you are required to communicate regularly with the region’s Head of Chapter, or when needed, the ICC YAF Global Coordinating Committee and the ICC regional office known as an ICC national committee.

Your role will be key in the promotion and development of the Regional Chapter’s network of young practitioners – which includes legal professionals and business people – and there’s also plenty of scopeto demonstrate initiative in developing benefits and opportunities for ICC YAF members.

  1. You get to take part in the ICC YAF Global Conference

As well as our packed calendar of local and regional events, ICC YAF Representatives will have the opportunity to participate and take an active role in organizing the ICC YAF Global Conference. The next ICC YAF Global Conference will take place in London in June 2019 and will mark the official handover between current and new ICC YAF Representatives.

  1. We need people like you

New ICC YAF Representatives mandates are set to begin in February 2019 and run for a two-and-half year term.

ICC YAF Regional Representatives work on a voluntary basis and are responsible for funding their own involvement including travel and other expenses.

So if you are highly motivated, interested in promoting the work of ICC and ICC YAF we’d love to hear from you! Candidates must be active in the field of international arbitration and/or mediation and alternative international commercial dispute resolution and be ready and available to take charge of the logistical organization of events and organize a minimum of two events per year in your respective country or region.