World Chambers Congress

4 ways #11WCC will expand your network (and your mind)

  • 21 March 2019

Industry events are a great place for professionals to make connections and showcase the unique value of their offerings. To help maximise your impact during the upcoming World Chambers Congress, we’re bringing you four ways you can make the most out of our much-anticipated three-day event.

Set to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 12-14 June, the World Chambers Congress is co-organised by the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) World Chambers Federation (WCF) and the Brazilian Confederation of Trade and Business Associations (CACB). With less than three months before the biennial forum, here are three ways the event will transform your business outlook.

1. It’s an ideal setting to develop your international circle

As a professional, you know that by putting time and effort into making connections is time well spent. The right contacts and ability to nurture key relationships is priceless. At the Congress, more than 1,000 chamber leaders, business heads and key government figures from over 100 countries will be in attendance. What’s more, they represent a diverse range of sectors—from construction and energy to retail and exports. Take the chance to meet-and-mingle with industry leaders, while sharing best practice tips and exchanging ideas. Plus, with a roster of international specialists—including Arancha Gonzalez, the Executive Director of the International Trade Centre and Alan Wolff, the Deputy Director-General of the World Trade Organization—present, you’ll be sure to a walk away inspiration and tips for post-conference execution. From informal social events to formal meetups, the Congress promises a range of experiences to help boost your professional network.

“The interaction with leaders from over 100 countries was incredible. The content had huge significance for our global community. I already marked my calendar for the [next edition],” said Susan Sarfati, CEO of High Performance Strategies.

2. It’s an opportunity to forge new business prospects

What better way to explore and showcase business opportunities than by becoming a Congress exhibitor. The event’s exhibition area is a unique platform to generate lucrative, highly targeted business leads. Set in a prime location within the event venue, the exhibition area allows you to promote your products, services and activities to a diverse audience of high-level trade professionals. So, if you are interested in canvasing foreign markets, developing investment opportunities or speeding up sales processes, do not miss the infinite potential of exhibiting to get that face-to-face action you deserve.

“Akurba was able to display iconic headwear and in the process develop opportunities to open up new markets for our product. We were delighted with the outcomes achieved and feel optimist that our brand will now be better recognised on the world stage,” said Roy Wilkinson, the Chief Financial Officer of Akurba Hats.

3. It can lead to global visibility

The benefits of event sponsorship are endless if you put in the effort to build relationships. Put your business, chamber, firm or organisation front and centre by demonstrating your expertise to a top-notch group of individuals. If you are looking to drive new business, enter the media spotlight or inspire trust, take action and become a sponsor of the Congress today.

“Our participation and sponsorship of the World chambers Congress was very advantageous for us, as it provides us with the platform to network and disseminate information about our initiatives, services and facilities…As we make a foray into emerging markets and build on Dubai’s competitiveness, we look forward to our continued association with the ICC World Chambers Federation,” said Hamad Baumim, the President and CEO of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

4. It offers a variety of takeaways to turn into action items

The people who attend sessions are just as important as the sessions themselves. Why? Because there’s no better time to link up with peers or connect with new prospects than at a conference. Whether you want to debate the impact of current challenges of your chamber or share experiences with global business representatives, the Congress is sure to offer valuable insights thanks to its interactive and dynamic plenaries and workshops. From how to best pioneer new paths for a shared future and building smart cities the right way to everything you wanted to know about blockchain but were too afraid to ask, sparking up lively debates on today’s global economic issues is a sure fire way to expand your knowledge and find new ways of working.

“The World Chambers Congress is an amazing experience. It gathers leading advocates from businesses of all sizes around the globe to talk about the most pressing issues that need to be addressed to advance prosperity through well-functioning markets and trade,” Greg Melia, the Chief Membership and Volunteer Relations Officers for the American Society of Association Executives.

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