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3 reasons to attend the ICC Banking Commission 2018 Annual Meeting in Miami

  • 24 October 2017
3 reasons to attend the ICC Banking Commission 2018 Annual Meeting in Miami

Registration is now open for the ICC Banking Commission’s flagship Annual Meeting in Miami, bringing together experts and leading figures from the trade finance industry to discuss the latest trends, challenges and prospects.

As one of the most important events on the 2018 banking calendar, the Banking Commission’s Annual Meeting will take place in Miami from 3-6 April 2017. Here are 3 key reasons to attend:

1. Unparalleled networking opportunities

The ICC Banking Commission’s Annual Meeting has long been established as a must-attend event for the global trade finance community. Convening  over 500 trade experts, banking professionals, business leaders, lawyers, policymakers and government officials from over 65 countries—all under one roof at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami—the meeting offers unparalleled networking opportunities.

ICC Banking Commission task forces and working groups will also gather to discuss technical areas related to bank guarantees, risk mitigation, supply chain finance, forfaiting, legal issues and regulation.

2. Invaluable insight

The meeting will feature over 80 distinguished keynote and panel speakers in a series of informative and interactive plenary and breakout sessions, as well as roundtable discussions. The sessions are painstakingly designed to provide valuable insight into global challenges and financing trends, from the digitalisation of trade finance to managing complexity in global supply chains.

“Trade finance is witnessing a period of unparalleled transformation and evolution – with technology and digitalisation holding the potential to overhaul the industry. In such an environment, it’s ever-more important we stay abreast of developments,” said John Danilovich, ICC Secretary General. “The Annual Meeting is an excellent opportunity to bring together leading experts in trade finance to shape the landscape for the benefit of businesses and consumers in Latin America and across the world.”

The provisional agenda for the meeting can now be viewed here.

3. Did we mention it’s in Miami?

Miami has a robust trade infrastructure and banking community that provides tremendous value to companies operating internationally. What’s more, with its close proximity to Latin America, the meeting will hold a spotlight on trade finance in the region.

“We are delighted to be holding the Annual Meeting in Miami – a major global city and gateway for trade between North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and beyond,” said Daniel Schmand, Chair of the ICC Banking Commission. “With Latin America increasingly playing a more important role in international trade, trade finance will become more crucial in supporting growing industries and enabling them to connect to global value chains.

“Exploring the nature of trade and supply chains in the region, and implications for the global business community, will be a key focus of the Annual Meeting.”

Register now to participate in the Annual Meeting.