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2020 ICC Mediation Competition finalists named

  • 12 February 2020

It is an exciting moment for students, ADR professionals and volunteers, as the 2020 International Mediation Competition of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) nears its end. Moving from four university teams to just two, finalists Bucerius Law School and University of Auckland are set to compete in the final round.

The final two university teams will go head to head at the mediation table today at 3:00 pm at an exclusive venue, located in the heart of Paris. Sitting before American mediator, Mary McLain, the teams will work through a complex dispute about the rights to remake a widely acclaimed film.

#ICCMW Finalists Announced

— ICC Mediation (@ICCMediation) February 11, 2020

Commenting on the win, Philomena Hindermann, a student of Bucerius Law School said:

“I am very excited. When we came to Paris, we never thought we would get this far. We thought we would try out our skills and have a good learning experience. Now, after hearing [that we are finalists], it is just incredible. We have had so many sessions followed by more sessions, so it feels like we have not had time to process the fact that we have made it this far in the Competition. I think now it will sink in though.”

#ICCMW #mediator Jawad Sarwana helps university teams @bucerius_law and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv come up with key points of interests to help form an agenda for the #mediation.

— ICC Mediation (@ICCMediation) February 9, 2020

Happy to have her team move on to the final round, Rima Shenoy, one of the coaches of the University of Auckland said:

“We have just found out that we are moving on to the finals and are very proud of the team. They have worked extremely hard to get to this point in the Competition. We realize that we are flying the flag for the Asia-Pacific region and New Zealand for the past couple rounds and I think the team is going to do their best at the finals.”

We’re here at the @Clifford_Chance Preliminary Rounds, where #ICCMW team @AucklandUni is all smiles as they get ready to try their #mediation skills at the table today. ?

— ICC Mediation (@ICCMediation) February 8, 2020

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