Mediation week

2020 ICC Mediation Competition enters semi-final showdown

  • 11 February 2020

Over the past week , 66 university teams have been competing in the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) International Commercial Mediation Competition. Now it’s down to four teams.

Showcasing their mediation and negotiation skills for their seat at the table, we are down the final few teams as we inch our way towards tomorrow’s finals.

On Tuesday morning, university teams from around the world anxiously gathered into the lobby of ICC’s Global Headquarters to find out whether they would me moving forward to the round in the Competition.

The four university teams still in the race to be ICC’s 2020 Mediation Competition champion are:

  1. Bucerius Law School (Germany)
  2. Eotvos Lorand University (Hungary)
  3. Jagiellonian University (Poland)
  4. University of Auckland (New Zealand)

Commenting on the excitement of their team’s success, Tamas Boldizar Hajas, a coach from Eotvos Lorand University said:

“I think [proceeding on to the Semi-Finals of the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition] is an unbelievable achievement. We are extremely proud. I think our team members did the best so far and they incorporated everything that we had mentioned to them and now its an achievement for them. 

Following the announcement of the #ICCMW Semi-Finalists, we spoke with the coaches of The Eotvos Lorland University to hear their thoughts on their team’s success. Watch now ?

— ICC Mediation (@ICCMediation) February 11, 2020

 Over the last five days, more than 215 participating students have competed in over 100 mock mediation sessions. During the competition, each team must  use their mediation and problem-solving skills to resolve complex disputes with legal, commercial, ethical and cultural complications.

These complications, known as “problems,” are created by a specialised Working Group, which is made up of leading ADR practitioners. The practitioners provide  students with a glimpse of what real mediations they could encounter as future mediators themselves.

The four semi-finalists are set to have their turn at the mediation table later today at 3:00 pm. The announcement of the two finalists will be made at 5:45 pm, directly have the semi-final sessions.

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