20,000th case marks ICC Arbitration milestone as New York entity opens for case administration

  • 28 January 2014
ICC Court

The International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce has registered its 20,000th case just as a presence of the International Court of Arbitration® of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to administer ICC arbitrations in North America opened in New York City.

A transport sector dispute, case number 20,000 was initiated by a US claimant against a Canadian respondent. The arbitration is seated in Chicago (Illinois) and applies the laws of the State of New York.

SICANA, the US corporate entity responsible for the administration of cases under International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) dispute resolution rules and for the promotion of ICC dispute resolution services in North America, started administering existing cases and registering new requests for arbitration on 27 January 2014.

Court President John Beechey said: “ICC has been firmly committed to establishing a presence in one of the Court’s most important markets for some time. I am delighted that that ambition has now been realised with the start of the Court’s operations in New York, where cases are now being administered and may be registered. This is a very important development for the Court’s business worldwide.”

The New York team is composed of case management experts, namely Rocio Digon, Counsel; Steven Holder, Deputy Counsel and Sherlin Tung, Deputy Counsel, backed by a strong marketing team led by Josefa Sicard-Mirabal, Executive Director, Rachel Clarke, Deputy Director; and Suzanne Ulicny, Deputy Director.

Andrea Carlevaris, Court Secretary General said: “In conjunction with ICC Secretariat case management teams in Paris and Hong Kong, the Manhattan-based team will significantly increase the appeal of our arbitration services to parties, counsel and arbitrators in North America.”

North American parties made up nearly 10% of the 767 cases filed with the Court in 2013. Case number 20,000 brings the number of cases arbitrated under the 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration to 1,485.

“We are delighted to be part of ICC’s 20,000th milestone case and look forward to upholding the principles of dispute resolution rules and promoting ICC dispute resolution services in this region,” concluded Ms Digon, Counsel.

ICC’s current Rules of Arbitration have been in force since 1 January 2012 and are used worldwide to resolve disputes through arbitration – governing the conduct of ICC Arbitration proceedings from start to finish. In order to explain the functioning of the ICC Rules of Arbitration, ICC Services publishes every year two regular issues plus a Special Supplement of the Bulletin of the International Court of Arbitration. ICC Services also published in 2012 The Secretariat’s Guide to ICC Arbitration, a work of reference for parties, counsel and arbitrators providing a clear and informative insight into the ICC arbitral process. Information is also available in the Dispute Resolution Library, the ICC online database on arbitration.

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