12 highlights to get geared up for ICC Miami Conference

  • 13 October 2016
Hearing center ICC

Hundreds of legal professionals from the United States and Latin America are set to converge in Miami next month for the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Miami Conference on International Arbitration.

Originally launched 14 years ago with just 60 participants, the annual event now attracts around 550 practicing lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, corporate counsel and academics for debate, discussion and insight into the latest trends and developments in international arbitration.

The Miami Conference was the first of many ICC regional arbitration conferences that take place worldwide today and with even more participants expected this year.

We bring you 12 highlights of the event to get you geared up to attend.

1. Region’s steady growth in commercial arbitration

ICC dispute resolution statistics for 2015 showed that the number of appointments and confirmations of Latin American arbitrators jumped up to 185 from 128 In addition to the  unprecedented rise in the number of cases seated in Latin America, this makes for some impressive figures that reflect the rising attraction of arbitration as an alternative to litigation in international commercial disputes. Join us in Miami to get the ICC perspective on what these numbers reveal and what more is to be expected in the coming year.

2. Miami’s rise as an important arbitration hub

Miami has emerged as the region’s preferred location to resolve complex and high valued disputes quickly moving up to join the ranks of other international arbitration hubs, such as New York, Paris and Singapore. This, combined with the rapid growth of Latin America’s preference for arbitration and Florida’s plethora of bilingual professionals, plays a significant part in Miami’s rise to prominence in the international arbitration arena.

3. Held in three languages

Those whose mother-tongue is not English will be excited to know that this Conference will be simultaneously interpreted into Portuguese and Spanish.

4. ICC Advanced Arbitration Academy

The second of eight workshops for the ICC Advanced Arbitration Academy will be held on Saturday, 12 November 2016. This sold out training focuses specifically on the region and is approached from the point of view of the arbitrator. This will be an exceptional opportunity to master skills, connect with a global network of leading practitioners and progress professionally.

5. Diverse range of prominent speakers

The ICC Miami Conference draws top-level experts with a wide range of legal expertise, experience and industry knowledge. Representing a wide range of nationalities, each of our 38 speakers will provide their respective views on topics such as dealing with complex jurisdictional and admissibility issues and other pertinent subjects.

6. ICC Institute of World Business Law training

This year’s ICC Institute training, which will be held on Sunday, 13 November 2016, is entitled “Oral advocacy in international arbitration: the good, the bad and the in between.” The already sold out, advanced-level course, will explore the in’s and out’s, do’s and don’ts, of oral advocacy through informative panel sessions and learning-by-doing activities.

7. ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF)

Before the Conference on Monday, 14 November 2016, ICC YAF will host a breakfast roundtable to exchange views on various topics regarding the judiciary. The forum aims to promote the understanding and use of international arbitration law and practice by providing educational and networking opportunities for young professionals under the age of 40.

8. Changing political landscape in Latin America

The Miami Conference will kick off with what is sure to be a lively discussion on recent affairs affecting the region. From President Barack Obama’s call to the United States Congress to lift the decades-old trade embargo on Cuba; to the economic outlook for countries like Brazil and Venezuela; to the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) – such matters will be examined in view of how they are affecting investment and commercial arbitration.

9. Arbitral Women breakfast

ArbitralWomen, the premier international network promoting women in international dispute resolution, will host a breakfast discussion on Tuesday, 15 November 2016. Join the optional event to trade views on whether arbitrators should disclose preferences regarding the organisation and conduct of procedures.

10. External versus in-house counsel

Partake in a friendly debate as external and in-house counsel go head to head on the final day of the Conference. The two sides will swap perspectives on the practice of international arbitration and how each can fulfil their roles in a supportive and respectful way for an effective and professional working dynamic.

11. Battle between state courts

To wrap up the Conference, dive into a lively roundtable discussion regarding state courts’ involvement in international arbitration. Leading dispute resolution practitioners will weigh in on the challenges that can occur and what can be done to address them.

12. Countless networking opportunities

Explore ICC Miami Conference’s power-packed selection of both formal and informal networking events. With professionals, jurisdictions and fields of practice from all over the world represented, there will be no shortage of opportunities to take advantage of during the three full-day programme.