ICC-BASIS intervention, Jennifer Warren Open Consultation – Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

  • 24 February 2009

Thank you, Mr. Chair, for ICC/BASIS to come back to the microphone.

Thank you, Mr. Chair, for ICC/BASIS to come back to the microphone.

I would like to build on the comments of my colleague, Ms. Hassan but speak specifically to the IGF review process. We had extensive discussions within the ICC/BASIS on the consultation and review process, specifically regarding the desirability of the continuation of the IGF.

We believe that the combination of the open consultation process, that of today, that of the meetings in May and September, as well as a call for public contributions, and a dedicated session on the topic — on this topic in Egypt will offer a comprehensive and very inclusive way to solicit the input from all stakeholders on this question, both on the IGF’s progress and for areas of improvement.

As Mr. Kisrawi noted in his earlier intervention, we also believe the most comprehensive and useful approach will be done by those with the direct knowledge of the IGF process – both those with history, with WSIS history, but also those who are new to the process; so a combination. We also agree with comments that efforts should be made to solicit input from all stakeholders, to ensure that the contributions are from a broad range. And those inputs can be in writing or in person.

With respect to the dedicated session in Egypt, we believe that there should be a three-hour session devoted to this topic where there is no overlap or conflict with other activities, whether they be workshops or other sessions. This will again allow for the type of dedicated approach that we think is necessary to encourage the full range of participants to contribute.
But we also don’t think it needs to be or should be limited to those in the room.

I think there were comments made on that respect earlier. There should be methods to ensure remote participation, online participation, and as previously noted, the public consultations, those contributions should be brought to that meeting. We can also explore other methods to ensure that the full range of stakeholders have a means to contribute to this process.

We also think one aspect of the review that will take place throughout this year could include questions about how the participants learned about the IGF and the opportunity to participate. Perhaps that would shed some insight and light on how we might improve outreach and visibility of the IGF, which I think addresses some of the comments raised about why aren’t some people participating.

And with that, I thank you, Mr. Chair