ICC BASIS Intervention 7 Open – Consultation – Internet Governance Forum

  • 3 September 2007

By Ayesha Hassan

My work has also been made easier by my colleagues who have intervened earlier.

I would like to say that on behalf of ICC/BASIS, we would support the idea that APC has put forward about the evaluation or assessment of the role of a co-chair from the host country. We do recognize that the host country carries a very big burden and has a very special place in the IGF. And an assessment after the IGF in Rio would be a useful way forward. To be very clear, ICC/basis members have supported the multistakeholder Advisory Group and would like to just clearly state that as the ideas for rotation and assessment, et cetera, are ongoing, we do not support the formation of a bureau of any kind.

I would also like to bring up the point that Parminder of I.T. for Change has just stated intalking about transparency and openness regarding the Advisory Group and the work that the Advisory Group does. We fully support ideas in that regard and would look forward to finding new and interesting ways to make it more interactive with the greater community. Another point I think that we all recognize as we are going into this second IGF, that the convening of the Advisory Group at a very late date has made things more challenging. And we would hope that as we do this evaluation for how rotation or renewal should be implemented going forward that we are very cognizant of the time involved in planning for the IGF event and the benefits of having an Advisory Group in lace and convened by the U.N. Secretary-General at an early date.

We also support the ideas of continuity and rotation which APC stated. We also suggest that some of the communities should be taking some time between now and the IGF in Rio to come up with some additional ideas and perhaps some kind of a public comment on proposals after the IGF in Rio to quickly get started on thinking about ideas, because each community may need to handle this in a different way in terms of the ways in which they recommend possible people to rotate in and out. As we’ve stated before, the critical thing is maintaining a multistakeholder balance and positive representation of all the different interests.

Thank you.