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ICC calls for harmonized non-preferential rules of origin

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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is calling on countries to stop rolling out unilateral non-preferential rules of origin and encouraging them to conclude the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Rules of Origin.

WTO deal in Bali would unleash benefits for all, business tells ministers ahead of talks

Chamber members

Speaking to a high-level meeting between business and ministers at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial in Bali this morning, Victor K. Fung, Chairman of the ICC World Trade Agenda initiative, urged business to continue pressing their governments to conclude an agreement on trade facilitation in the next three days.

Victor K Fung opening remarks at ICC World Trade Agenda Summit

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ICC Honorary Chairman Victor K Fung delivered one of the opening addresses at the ICC World Trade Agenda Summit held on 22 April 2013 in Doha, Qatar. "In my view, there is no better system for stimulating growth and sharing prosperity than a fair, open, inclusive trading system – that which was envisioned at the WTO’s inception," Mr Fung, who is Chair of the ICC Business World Trade Agenda initiative, told delegates. His full speech can be read below:

ICC activates integrated approach to trade facilitation

World Trade Agenda

A new ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation held its first meeting in Paris this week, establishing an agenda to expand the trade facilitation work undertaken by the former ICC Committee on Customs and Trade Regulations.