Supply chain finance

ICC releases guidelines for creation of BPO customer agreements

Trade facilitation

Following a request made by a number of banks to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the ICC Banking Commission and SWIFT have published guidelines to assist banks in the creation of customer contracts or agreements for use with their BPO-related services or products.

Register now for ICC’s 3rd Supply Chain Financing Summit

Incoterms® rules

Organized by the ICC Banking Commission, the Supply Chain Financing Summit will be held on 22-23 October and is a flagship event providing opinions, ideas and insights about the forces driving change in trade finance.

ICC launches first international Supply-Chain Financing Conference

Trade facilitation

With companies and suppliers under conflicting pressures to improve payment terms, reduce prices and improve cash flow efficiencies, ICC and its Banking Commission are focusing on establishing new financial solutions that will enable corporates to maintain a resilient supply chain.