ICC Institute Prize

Brooke Marshall wins 2021 ICC Institute Prize

Claudia Salomon ICC wins Best Development in International Arbitration Award

The ICC Institute of World Business Law awarded the 2021 ICC Institute Prize to Brooke Marshall on 29 November for her thesis on “Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses”.

Researcher Tobias Lutzi wins 2019 ICC Institute Prize

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Institute of World Business Law celebrated its seventh laureate of the ICC Institute Prize in Paris on 17 December 2019, during the think-tank’s 40th anniversary. The prestigious award was received by Tobias Lutzi for his thesis on regulating the Internet through private international law.

3 reasons to submit your thesis for the ICC Institute Prize

ICC Institute Prize

Calling all professionals under the age of 40. If you are writing a doctoral dissertation or long essay of 150 pages or more on the subject of international commercial law, including arbitration, share your work for a chance to win the 2019 ICC Institute Prize. With the deadline closing on 5 April, this is your last opportunity to enter the competition.

Applications now open for prestigious ICC Institute Prize


The International Chamber of Commerce's (ICC) Institute of World Business Law is pleased to announce the launch of the sixth edition of the ICC Institute Prize. This biennial award recognises outstanding legal writing and contributions to international commercial law, including arbitration.

First time tie for ICC Institute of World Business Law Prize

ICC Diversity

The fifth edition of the ICC Institute Prize is split between Annabelle Moeckesch for her thesis on Attorney-Client Privilege in International Commercial Arbitration and Cecile Pellegrini for her thesis on Applicable Rights of International Contracts.