World Economic Climate worsens, ICC-Ifo survey shows

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After the first two improved quarters of 2011, the global economic upswing is faltering, according to the latest quarterly World Economic Survey (WES) from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the Munich-based Ifo Institute for Economic Research, published today.

ICC-Ifo poll shows economists see new opportunities in low carbon economies

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The vast majority of economists polled in a worldwide survey believe the transition to a low-carbon economy will bring about new opportunities for many businesses in their country, and think clear and transparent guidelines would help companies innovate and invest in technologies designed to meet the challenges of climate change.

Global economic index rises again, but problems remain

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Reflecting more favourable economic conditions for the coming six months but also a more positive assessment of the current situation, the World Economic Climate Indicator rose significantly in the fourth quarter for the third consecutive time following the sharp drops of last year.

Global economic index rises for second straight quarter

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The world economic climate index rose significantly in the third quarter, its second consecutive increase resulting mainly from favourable future economic expectations but also from a slight improvement in the global economy.