Doha round

Barroso confirms EU commitment to revive Doha round

In meetings last week with ICC Chairman Marcus Wallenberg and ICC Secretary General Guy Sebban, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and the EC Director General for Trade, David O’Sullivan, affirmed their commitment to making progress with the Doha round and said they believed it could be restarted in 2007 with the aim of finalizing it in 2008.

ICC welcomes G20 pledge to complete Doha Round by 2011

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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) welcomes the commitment of the Seoul G20 Summit to complete the Doha Round by 2011 and other measures to ensure that trade can make a meaningful contribution to the global economic recovery and job creation.

ICC reaction to breakdown of G4 talks in Potsdam

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ICC very much regrets what appears to be a further setback to the Doha round of world trade negotiations, which we consider to be of major importance to the future health of the world economy.

G4 must reach consensus now for Doha trade round to succeed by year-end

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ICC today called on leaders of the G4 countries (Brazil, EU, India and US) to reach consensus on a framework agreement for agriculture and industrial tariffs, which is absolutely essential for a successful conclusion of the Doha round of global trade negotiations by the end of the year.

Real progress must follow G8 pledges on Doha Round-ICC says

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ICC today welcomed the declaration on the Doha Round of multilateral trade negotiations issued at the G8 Summit last week in Heiligendamm, Germany and called on G8 leaders to translate their pledges into concrete progress at the negotiating table in the coming weeks.

Israel agrees a Doha trade deal is vital

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In a meeting this week at the Knesset, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni agreed with ICC Chairman Marcus Wallenberg on the urgent need to successfully conclude the Doha round of multilateral trade negotiations.