Climate change

Dealing with climate risk

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With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) taking place in Paris, Michael Wilkins of Standard & Poor’s stresses the need to factor in credit risk as business and finance transition toward a low-carbon future in this guest blog for ICC.

Business rallies in support of COP21 agreement at Le Bourget


With pressure mounting for UN negotiators to reach a global deal as the COP21 climate talks approach the halfway mark, business representatives taking part in today’s official COP21 Business and Industry (BINGO) Day have called on governments to seal a deal that will work with the private sector and help them do more to meet the climate challenge.

The impact of climate change on sovereign ratings

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In a guest blog for ICC, experts warn that sovereign ratings could become more at risk as evidence of the economic implications of climate change and extreme weather events becomes more concrete.

ICC Photographic Award 2015: One month to submission deadline

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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Photographic Award 2015 is a celebration of artistic skill and outstanding photography which aims to draw attention to—and stimulate dialogue around—the global challenge of climate change.

ICT technologies central to meeting climate challenge

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A major gathering of businesses and policymakers—held alongside the ongoing UN climate talks in Bonn—has heard how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can play a central role in tackling climate change.