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The 2013 Supplement of the ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin offers rare insight into how arbitrators deal with corruption.

This Supplement contains extracts from awards rendered between 2001 and 2009 in ICC cases where corruption was at issue. They illustrate situations in which arbitral tribunals have or have not found evidence of corruption, the criteria on which such findings were based and the remedies applied. Three accompanying articles provide commentary on these and other awards, discuss the use of circumstantial evidence in relation to corruption, and take stock of the international fight against this worldwide scourge.


  • Recent Anti-Corruption Initiatives and their Impact on Arbitration, by François Vincke
  • Using Red Flags to Prevent Arbitration from Becoming a Safe Harbour for Contracts that Disguise Corruption, by Vladimir Khvalei
  • Dealing with Corruption in Arbitration: A Review of ICC Experience, by Christian Albanesi and Emmanuel Jolivet
  • Extracts from ICC Arbitral Awards Relating to Bribery and Corruption

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