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Registration is available for the ICC Academy’s fourth annual Supply Chain Finance Summit, “Financing the Growth of Global Trade” taking place for the first time in Singapore on 9-10 March.

Experts from across the trade finance industry will gather to explore the trends, opportunities, and challenges affecting supply chain finance. Notably, the summit will host the release of globally-standardized supply chain finance terminology.

The summit, which will be held at the Maxwell Chambers in Singapore, will welcome 150 trade finance experts, CFOs, corporate credit and risk managers, corporate treasurers, import managers, trade specialists, bankers, insurers, consultants and vendors from all over the world. It will feature panels and case studies by industry leaders, invaluable networking opportunities, and up to 15 professional development credits (PDCs) towards any ICC Academy certification.

A key feature of the summit will be the release of a new internationally-standardized definitions for techniques of supply chain finance endorsed by the ICC Academy, facilitated by the ICC Banking Commission and jointly produced with key global industry associations: Bankers Association for Finance and Trade, Euro Banking Association, Factors Chain International, and International Forfaiting Association, whose members will be contributing to the panel discussions. In addition to presenting a series of techniques, a panel will discuss the benefits of a globally standardized definition of supply chain finance, as well as the details of the drafting process, and its proposed structure and techniques. The panel will also explore the next steps in the global adoption of the terminology.

Professionals and companies will be able to communicate and understand their international counterparties better, which will, in turn, enhance relationships and streamline business – promoting global economic growth.

“Releasing a common terminology for supply chain finance will have a lasting positive impact for global business,” said Alexander Malaket, Co-Chair of the ICC Academy Academic Committee and Chair of the Global Supply Chain Finance drafting group. “Professionals and companies will be able to communicate and understand their international counterparties better, which will, in turn, enhance relationships and streamline business – promoting global economic growth.”

The summit will cover topics such as supply chain financing in Asia, the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and strategic suppliers, the transforming role of Fintech in finance, and the market response to increasing regional usage of the renminbi, among others.

“The Supply Chain Finance Summit is an annual International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) event created in partnership with the ICC Banking Commission. This year is the first time the summit will be held in Singapore – a leading international trading hub where supply chain finance is widely used,” said Thierry Senechal, Senior Director and Co-Founder of the ICC Academy. “This summit is also officially accredited – enabling ICC Academy members to earn points towards their certification. This is what professional education is all about – rigorous and relevant education through self-paced courses and engaging events.”


Early bird tickets are available to purchase until 5 February. Register now to participate: http://icc.academy/events/supply-chain-financing-summit/

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