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In a globalized world economy where national bor ders are increasingly blurred by transnational trade and multiple language groups are commonplace in daily business transactions, being able to capture the exact meaning of trade terminology is a pre-condition to success.

ICC’s product of the month, Key Words in International Trade Interactive is an easily downloadable application that gives users access to over 3 000 business and trade terms. It works with the five principle languages of European commerce: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Developed from the best-selling ICC publication of the same name, Key Words in International Trade Interactive covers over 300 abbreviations and includes an acronym section featuring direct links to the websites of featured organizations. The tool is easily updated and translates jargon in less time than ploughing through any dictionary or online search engine.

Compiled by a team of ICC business experts, Key Words in International Trade Interactive covers the fields of banking, transportation, finance, management, marketing, arbitration, trade and international organizations. Executives will find it to be the most authoritative and up-to-date guide to the most frequently used words and expressions they need to know in their everyday practice.

Key Words in International Trade Interactive can be purchased online from the ICC bookstore at www.iccbooks.com or from ICC national committees around the world