ICC Secretary General Guy Sebban last week participated in the launch of the first annual European Vector awards in recognition of the growing international reputation of Ukrainian companies.

In a sign of the dynamism of Ukrainian business, 1,500 companies applied in 47 sectors, including energy, agriculture, food production and car manufacturing. Organized by ICC Ukraine and Ukraine’s trade information and analysis centre, the awards are aimed at stimulating competition among Ukrainian businesses. They include categories such as best importer, best exporter, diversification and growth in international trade. Mr Sebban gave out nine awards in the export category (for a full list of winners, please see below). 

“Ukraine has started to put into place the right framework to foster entrepreneurship, create jobs and increase economic wealth,” Mr Sebban said at the ceremony. A press conference was held in the National News Agency of Ukraine to unveil the new awards.

Since the country achieved independence in 1991, Ukraine has been making the transition to a more open, transparent economic system, which has become more attractive to foreign investors. The country is now a member of the IMF and the World Bank and has applied for membership in the World Trade Organization.

Mr Sebban was in Kiev for a two-day visit at the invitation of Volodymyr Shchelkunov, Chairman of ICC Ukraine, and Volodymyr Mykhailov, Secretary General of ICC Ukraine. During the trip, Mr Sebban also met with a number of Ukrainian government officials and corporate leaders.

In a session with Kostiantyn Vaschenko, Minister of Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship, Mr Sebban signaled that Ukraine has made it easier for foreign companies to obtain operating licenses and for small- and medium-sized enterprises to get financing.

Minister of the Economy, Anatoliy Kinakh, was in broad agreement with the core objectives of ICC that Mr Sebban outlined during their meeting: to promote multilateral trade, liberalize investment, protect intellectual property rights, support new technology and promote corporate responsibility.

Mr Sebban also met with Ivan Tymoshenko, who has set up European University, a private institution that conforms to European standards, and with representatives from the financial sector and steel industry.

The winners of the 1st European Vector awards are:

Concern STIROL
Southern Machine-Building Plant named after Makarov, Production Association
Zaporozhye Titano-Magnesium Plant
Krono Ukraine
Makfa Ukraine
Konark Intelmed
Amway Ukraine
State owned National Nuclear Energy Generating Company ENERGOATOM
Crimea State owned Aviation Enterprise “Universal-Avia”
Scientific Industrial Association IODOBROM
Prilutskiy naftonaliv
Artemovsk Coloured metal treatment plant
Interpipe Nyzhnyodniprovskiy Pipe Rolling plant
Henkel Bautechnik Ukraine
Izum state owned device making plant
Zaporozhia state owned titano-magnesium combine
Joint venture Nibulon
Svit lasoschiv
Tsukrovyk Poltavschyny
Crimean Titan
State-owned enterprise Ukrinterenergo

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