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More sustainable production and consumption will be among key business contributions to World Summit goals, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart told the final session.

Sir Mark, who heads the Business Alliance for Sustainable
Development (BASD), told world government leaders: “We in business are
committed to working to make it happen, to deliver sustainable development,
together with you as governments and other major groups.”


The former Shell chairman said that, using technology
developed through the creativity of markets, business could work to deliver the
utility that consumers need, but with “radically lower impact or use of


He added: “But to do this, we will need new
technologies and we call on the NGOs, scientists and governments to work with
us to gain acceptance of these technologies based on sound science.”


Sir Mark said one of the summit’s successes had been in
demonstrating the power of partnerships. As examples, he quoted the Global

Initiative, Responsible Care in the chemical industry, the
Sustainable Forest Initiative, Sustainable Fisheries, and partnerships in
agriculture and health or in biodiversity.


“Such partnerships, together with initiatives such as
the Global Reporting Initiative, create the standards against which
international business will be judged. The outcomes will also inform
legislative processes,” the BASD chief said.


Sound governance was a further key to sustainable
development, Sir Mark said. For business, this meant the societal institutions
and structures through which all sectors of society feel that their views have
been taken into account and that whatever outcomes these institutions deliver,
they were fair.


“This naturally includes the sound governance of
business and the equitable sharing of economic development in the interests of


“This sound governance creates the environment in which
businesses large and small, international or domestic, can flourish.”


BASD was
set up by the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Business Council
for Sustainable Development to represent business at the summit.