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Piracy on the high seas may conjure up images from Hollywood movies but maritime piracy is an all-too-real problem for modern day traders and sea-farers. Despite efforts to tackle the problem, shipping routes remain at risk, with a worrying escalation of kidnappings and violence in several areas.

With a need to stay vigilant in high-risk areas, ICC’s International Maritime Bureau (IMB) works to provide up-to-the-minute information on pirate attacks around the world.

The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre has supported the shipping industry, authorities and navies for 25 years and is the world’s only independent centre, working around the clock to receive reports of pirate attacks from around the world.

All shipmasters and owners are encouraged to report all actual, attempted and suspected piracy and armed robbery incidents to the Piracy Reporting Centre. This first step in the response chain is vital to ensuring that adequate resources are allocated by authorities to tackle piracy.

Transparent statistics from an independent, non-political, international organisation can act as a catalyst to achieve this goal.

Shipmasters are also encouraged to follow the latest best management practices and where possible, take early action to avoid being boarded by pirates.

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