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In the past decade, the value of cross-border direct investment has grown substantially, to the point where global inward investment flows now approach US$1.2 trillion. Sales of affiliates worldwide are just under US$30 trillion USD, far in excess of world trade flows; and there are more than 2,800 bilateral investment treaties, many of them “south-south”.

The increasing level and expanding nature of international investment flows and associated transactions speak to the recognition by host governments — particularly in the developing markets — of the contribution international investment make to their sustainable development. Businesses and governments in developing countries, as well as developed countries, are keenly aware of the importance of investment as a driver of growth.

ICC has a long history of working to promote balanced international investment frameworks – dating back to the publication of the ICC International Code of Fair Treatment for Foreign Investments in 1949. Evolving from that initial code, ICC published the first edition of the Guidelines for International Investment in 1972 – last revised in 2012.

We are also championing national investment policies that support business investment to support implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – a vital agenda that requires the mobilisation of US$2.5 trillion in new investments each year.