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The IGF annual forum brings together the global Internet governance community and is a unique platform for candid and open discussion on the future governance of the Internet.

About the Internet Governance Forum

The IGF is recognised as one of the most significant outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The Secretary-General of the United Nations convened the IGF as a new forum for multistakeholder policy dialogue.

Since its inception in 2006, the IGF has pioneered a new avenue for policy cooperation, bringing a wide range of stakeholder groups together to consider public policy issues relating to the Internet. Participants are able to focus on sharing information and experience on an equal footing, to help those with policymaking power in both the public and private sectors to pursue action based on informed decisions.

Participants benefit from the free exchange of ideas and informal relationship-building the IGF provides. ICC’s Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS) is the primary source for business input and has been the de facto focal point for business since the IGF was launched. This has enabled thoughtful discussion and dissemination of best practices for the express purpose of enabling more countries to realise the economic and societal benefits of digital transformation.

Mobilising business

As the leading private sector representative, ICC BASIS ensures business is represented in relevant discussions at all levels to exchange perspectives with governments and other stakeholders on recent developments. Our goal is to demonstrate the value of business’ role and engagement in policy discussions and to ensure that governance of the Internet remains open, secure, stable and inclusive.

ICC BASIS considers the Internet and digital technologies as key enablers of international trade, economic development and innovation. ICC BASIS calls on global leaders from all stakeholder groups, who meet year after year at the IGF, to continue to work together to ensure that actions are coherent with existing commitments to:

– promote a globally connected, stable, unfragmented Internet. Keep it whole!

– expand connectivity and ensure meaningful access for everyone. Keep it open!

– enable data free flows with trust to support a truly global digital economy. Keep it flowing!

– increase efforts to strengthen cybersecurity. Keep it safe!

– preserve the multistakeholder model for Internet governance. Keep it ours!

Other ways to get involved

Business participation in IGF discussions is essential when it comes to informed policymaking. To learn more about opportunities to participate in upcoming IGF events and consultations, please contact Timea Suto.