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As the world becomes increasingly dependent on the Internet to drive social change and attain regional economic growth and prosperity, ICC advocates the adoption of policies that support the use of the Internet in new ways, to connect people with ideas, to create jobs, to boost trade and to reverse cycles of poverty.

Internet governance is the process of developing norms and principles that impact the way the Internet is used and functions.

We believe the existing multistakeholder model of governance is the best way to keep the Internet open for future generations and ensure the creation of policy that maximises opportunities for Internet innovation of the future. This model is also the most effective means of informing Internet policy decision-making at government level.

Internet governance today is not only considered for solving technical issues and setting regulatory frameworks, it increasingly includes policy work to respond to social, economic and security matters, as well as questions of trust, standard-setting, accountability and jurisdiction.

Successful Internet governance relies on the incremental formation of consensus across stakeholder groups together with constructive dialogue on issues not yet ripe for consensus, all while maintaining the security, stability, and resilience and openness of the Internet.

ICC and its Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS) initiative advocates private sector views on Internet governance policy issues. We promote global business priorities on the full range of Internet governance and information and communications technology issues that contribute to economic and social development.

We believe these goals are best achieved through a multistakeholder approach to developing policy. Legal and regulatory frameworks that benefit from input and cooperation of all stakeholders (government, business, the technical community and civil society) offer the most promising path to the benefits of connectivity and empowerment through technology and sustainable development.

BASIS is a hub of multinational enterprises, SMEs and associations from around the world and across sectors that work actively and collectively to foster business engagement in the post-World Summit on the Information Society follow-up activities.

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