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Business is committed to the attainment of goals that create a path for continued, sustainable and inclusive growth for the digital economy. On behalf of users, providers and operators of information technology the world over, ICC addresses the full spectrum of ICT and Internet related issues that not only impact daily business activities but also make headway towards these global goals.

Technological progress continues to advance ICTs and the Internet, bringing better and more innovative ways to communicate, while at the same time creating new jobs and contributing to global economic growth.

Today, ICTs underpin the entire information society.

That is why modern ICT networks are fundamental for economic growth in any region of the world.

Critical to our ability to deliver on the potential for inclusive and sustainable growth of the digital economy is our ability to create an enabling environment for investment, creativity and innovation in the development and deployment of broadband infrastructure and the products and services which use it.

Studies have shown that developing countries with higher levels of connectivity significantly out-perform those with limited connectivity.

In short, improvements in ICT infrastructure result in improved trade and market opportunities, reduced unemployment, improved health care delivery, reduced inequalities and better quality of life.

For business everywhere, the inclusion of all relevant stakeholders in policy development processes and discussions on ICT and Internet-related issues is essential for addressing challenges and creating opportunities.

Government and business must work in partnership to ensure regulation neither creates unnecessary burdens nor unintended consequences that could impair the economic growth and societal benefit technology and new business models can provide.

Drawing from a diverse membership of information and communications users, operators, and content and service providers ICC forms business recommendations on issues relating to regulatory affairs, general telecommunications, communications infrastructure and policy while seeking to ensure trade liberalization for IT services in order to promote innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship, particularly in developing countries.

ICC has developed a range of papers on issues including broadband spectrum and deployment, adverse effects of discriminatory taxes on telecommunications services and digital convergence.