Competitive markets

Developing effective regulations is essential to allowing business to contribute to economies and societies around the world, whether through competition law, taxation or energy regulation.

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Legal and compliance requirements affecting companies both small and large have shown steep increases across the globe, as society rightly expects business to uphold high ethical standards throughout its operations and to promote a level playing field.

Business has a key role to play in developing inclusive and prosperous economies, creating jobs by maintaining a competitive edge in open markets and contributing to public works through investment and taxation.

In order to successfully contribute to society, finding the right regulation is crucial. Policymakers must effectively promote positive behavior while respecting principles of fairness and without hampering companies’ competitiveness – and consequently economic growth and development.

By promoting inclusive trade and investment across frontiers and helping all businesses, small and large, meet the demands and opportunities of exposure to international markets, ICC plays a key role in building understanding between business and regulatory agencies, particularly in relation to antitrust compliance, taxation and energy policy.

Antitrust compliance

Antitrust & competition

Antitrust law is an increasingly important tool in maintaining competitive markets yet the pace of its development can engender compliance challenges for business, especially smaller companies.

Global taxation

Global taxation

As a key lever in national governments’ toolkits, taxation can often prove difficult to coordinate between different countries across the globe. International coordination, however, is essential if companies are going to invest internationally and participate in world trade.

ICC Energy


With access to reliable and secure energy sources increasingly under threat, ICC is working with governments to help solve challenges related to energy management and ensure competitive energy markets.