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ICC documents available for download include rules and standards, practical guidelines and reference works. Essential for bankers, lawyers, arbitrators, academics and anyone involved in cross border trade, all documents aim to facilitate business and spread best practice worldwide.

Tax reform for remote working abroad

A discussion paper outlining considerations to guide short and long-term policy making on taxation issues relating to working from home.

Open letter to Trade Ministers

Ahead of the 12th WTO ministerial conference (MC12), ICC has issued an open letter to trade ministers calling for the leadership required to demonstate a fit-for-the-21st Century World Trade Organization.

The Circular Economy and International Trade: Options for the World Trade Organization

The transition from a linear, extractive, produce-use-discard model to a more circular approach promoting resource efficiency and the decoupling of economic outputs from material inputs implies a significant change in business models. In today’s highly integrated world economy, international trade is likely to play a critical role in facilitating this transition, by exploiting existing comparative advantages and allowing economies of scale. However, several governments have used a variety of trade restrictive measures in their pursuit of enhanced circularity as illustrated by recent import bans on plastic waste, and this report suggests three possible approaches to be explored under the WTO structured discussion on trade and environmental sustainability (TESSD).

ICC Framework for Responsible Environmental Marketing Communications

The Environmental Framework provides a summary of the principles of the ICC Code including those outlined in Chapter D on environmental claims and supplements them with additional commentary and guidance to aid practitioners in applying the principles to environmental advertising. The updated Environmental Framework provides a resource for advertising industry stakeholders in meeting their responsibilities to provide truthful and appropriately supported environmental claims.

Reconceiving the global trade finance ecosystem

Trade finance does not work as well as it could, particularly for the millions of smaller businesses that help fuel the global economy. This joint report sets out a vision for improving the ecosystem for all players.

Your guide to business views on IGF 2021 discussions

As the institutional representative of 45 million businesses in over 100 countries, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) considers Internet governance to be critical for the promotion of international trade, economic development and innovation.

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COP26 Business and Industry NGOs (BINGO) closing statement

ICC delivered a closing statement as the official focal point for the business and industry constituency at COP26

Open letter to Ministers, COP26 Glasgow

ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton AO writes an open letter to ministers urging them to show real statesmanship and a willingness to make tough compromises during the final throes of COP26.