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ICC documents available for download include rules and standards, practical guidelines and reference works. Essential for bankers, lawyers, arbitrators, academics and anyone involved in cross border trade, all documents aim to facilitate business and spread best practice worldwide.

Guide to Managing Counterfeiting and Piracy Risks in the COVID-19 Era

While you may have been aware of supply chain vulnerabilities before the crisis, the massive disruptions that have come with the pandemic have magnified those vulnerabilities. It is imperative that business leaders are educated on steps that can be taken to protect their businesses. This guide is your essential resource for combatting counterfeiting and piracy risks in the COVID-19 era.

Open letter to G20 ministers responsible for the digital economy

In this open letter to G20 ministers responsible for the digital economy, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) identifies five policy interventions that will unlock the full potential of digital technologies as we look to rebuild the global economy.

ICC Global Survey 2020: Securing future growth

The 2020 Global Survey on Trade Finance – recognised as the world’s most authoritative review of the trade finance industry – confirms and reinforces trade finance’s resilient character and adaptability while presenting model scenarios on how COVID-19 could disrupt trade.

ICC and UNICEF Call to Action: Reimagining the World We Need

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and UNICEF are issuing a joint call for enhanced cooperation between the public and private sectors to strengthen the response to COVID-19 and enable a resilient and sustainable rebuild from the pandemic.

ICC Guidance – Integrity for a resilient response and rebuild after COVID-19

We must not lose sight of the enhanced risks for corruption, bribery and other illicit behaviours that come with the COVID-19 crisis. A crisis is no excuse to engage in unethical and corrupt practices.

2019 ICC Dispute Resolution Statistics

The comprehensive report provides an overview of the record arbitration figures for 2019, as well as information on its 25,000th registered case.

A practical guide for the digital journey of SMEs

A practical tool to help SMEs successfully survive and thrive the COVID-19 crisis through digital transformation.