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The corporate culture at ICC is based on shared values – the foundation of the work we’ve done for more than 100 years.

As we advance our purpose to enable business to secure peace, prosperity and opportunity for all, our values unite us in a common method of collaborating and decision making – providing a framework to accomplish our goals “The ICC Way”. Our values also enable us to incorporate aspects of the diverse backgrounds of our global representatives into our creative processes and communications. This unique approach – combined with our vast network of more than 45 million businesses in over 100 countries – sets us apart as a private sector leader and on the international stage.

The world is rapidly changing and we’re innovating with it but our commitment to living and working according to our values is still the same. That’s how we make business work for everyone, every day, everywhere.

Our members, partners and communities associate “the ICC Way” with the values we work by.

When we apply our values…

We foster an inclusive, diverse and stimulating working environment.

We have the support needed to take risks, make mistakes and learn from them.

We find our place in achieving ICC’s mission and purpose.


We leverage networks, technology and effective communication to unify business for a better world.

It’s in our DNA to develop the standards, partnerships and initiatives which chart the course for a more prosperous future.

While we respect many conventions and protocols of the past, our drive to speak out and transform helps us to go further faster.

Above all else, our commitment to ICC’s purpose is evident in the way we enable and care about the people who help us to achieve it.