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At ICC, we do more than support trade in today’s economy. We also help solve difficulties that arise in international commerce through our market leading administered dispute resolution services.

Companies and governments worldwide turn to our services as an attractive alternative to litigation. That’s because not only are they neutral and reliable solutions that help save time and money, they are also flexible enough to meet the diverse interests and needs of parties in different parts of the world and different sectors of the economy.

From our flagship International Court of Arbitration administering ICC Arbitration, to our International Centre for ADR providing mediation and other forms of ADR, our services are based exclusively on respected rules that only we are empowered and authorized to administer.

You do not have to be a member of ICC to make us your first choice for resolving disputes large or small. In fact, with standard clauses available to include in your commercial contracts and the availability of our rules in several languages, ICC dispute resolution is more accessible today than ever before.