Corporate responsibility and anti-corruption

A growing number of companies across the world increasingly recognize that doing business with integrity is the only right way of doing business.

Enterprises seen to be doing business with integrity are more likely to attract and retain highly-principled and motivated employees as well as ethically-oriented investors. In contrast, companies confronted with corruption cases have faced reputational damage.

In today’s global supply chains that heighten the exposure of companies, many companies are adopting a more integrated approach to their corporate responsibility, integrity, ethics and compliance policies.

Increasingly companies today are approaching corporate responsibility and rigorous corruption prevention as part of their overall policy to manage their activities in a responsible way. As a necessary part of good management, responsible business conduct can help companies advance their management systems, attract a new range of investors, increase morale, and induce better supervision of supply-chain management.

An emerging trend is showing that companies are bolstering their principles and policies of transparency, ethics and risk management, not just for legal compliance, but as an ethical and necessary part of good management.

ICC is a pioneer in helping companies develop their own approach to supply chain responsibility and to fight corruption, by developing and issuing a suite of publications, private sector rules, guidelines and other tools as guidance in this regard.

In addition ICC envisages pursuing ethics, compliance and corporate responsibility training to embed best practices for big and small companies. ICC is committed to actively contribute to the development and implementation of such training.

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