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Introducing ICC ATA Gateway, your easy solution to eATA

  • 22 November 2021

ICC is proud to announce the launch of a new initiative to help small- and medium-sized ATA carnet issuing and guaranteeing associations go digital.

WATAC Meeting 12WCC 22 Nov
WATAC Meeting, 22 November 2021

The ICC ATA Gateway project aims to develop an ATA Carnet light issuing module for ATA Chain members who do not have their own issuing tools. Members will be able to use the platform at a shared expense, substantially lowering the costs of digitalising their issuing services.   

The project was officially announced during the World ATA Carnet Council (WATAC) meeting in Dubai and was presented to the global chamber network during the 12th World Chambers Congress. The product will be developed in partnership with UDITIS, a Swiss-based IT solution provider, and is expected to be ready in the second quarter of 2022.  

Commenting on what the web-based application will offer the public, WATAC Chair Ruedi Bolliger said: “With ICC ATA Gateway, any ATA Carnet issuing association will have the ability to digitally issue ATA Carnets at a margin of the cost and track their issued Carnets within a dedicated digital database.  

“The digital issuing tool is an alternative option for chambers and business associations to whom financing and operating an owned platform is not economically viable. Through this initiative, ICC is paving the way to fully digitalise the ATA Carnet.” 

ICC ATA Gateway advances ICC goals to digitise the ATA Carnet and its procedures. With the support of the World Customs Organization, ICC has already developed an ATA Carnet System, a centralised digital resource laying the cornerstone for the digitisation of the international customs document. The system is currently being tested in five pilot countries.  

Commenting on ICC’s efforts to digitalise the passport for goods, ICC Director of Global Partnerships and Development Julian Kassum said: “At ICC, our mission is to make business work for everyone, every day, everywhere. That is why our eATA Carnet efforts are designed to help individuals and organisations get business done faster and easier. By bringing digitalisation and convenience into international shipping, ICC underlines our commitment to digitalise trade for the 21st century and reduce the private and public sector’s dependency on paper-based processes.” 

Commenting on what the tool will do for SMEs globally, UDITIS Director and Associate Herve Sanglard said: “Thanks to our rich experience and proven technology in delivering ATA related IT solutions, UDITIS is proud to partner with ICC to develop an online issuing system, ICC ATA Gateway. This platform does not affect existing application methodologies introduced at the national level, but carnets issued using it will have their digital identities compatible for digital declarations and transactions. By design, guaranteeing and issuing associations can digitalise their issuing services with minimum adaptations and at low cost.” 

For more information, please visit our ICC eATA Carnet Project page.