Arbitration cases

Case ID Date of Publication Case Status Role Appointment Method Sector of Industry Arbitrator Status Link
02317 September 2023 Pending Co-arbitrator Respondent(s) Wholesale and retail trade Active See
02103 August 2022 Pending President Co-arbitrators Energy Active See
01806 July 2021 Closed Co-arbitrator Claimant(s) Real estate Active See
01510 May 2020 Closed Co-arbitrator Claimant(s) N/A Active See
01348 March 2020 Closed Co-arbitrator Respondent(s) N/A Active See
01066 February 2019 Closed President Co-arbitrators N/A Active See
01087 February 2019 Closed Co-arbitrator Respondent(s) N/A Active See
00972 November 2018 Closed President Court N/A Active See
00124 February 2017 Closed Sole Arbitrator Parties N/A Active See