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SICAS, Inc. (Secretariat of the International Court of Arbitration Singapore) provides ICC Arbitration in Singapore and India.

28 Maxwell Road #02-01, Maxwell Chambers Suites Singapore 069120
Case Management team

Email: ica11@iccwbo.org

Tel: +65 6971 1000


Hazel Tang
Email: hazel.tang@iccwbo.org
Tel: +65 6971 1001
Eugene Thong
Deputy Counsel
Email: eugene.thong@iccwbo.org
Tel: +65 6971 1002
Akhil Chowdary
Deputy Counsel
Email: akhilchowdary.unnam@iccwbo.org
Tel: +65 6971 1003
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The International Chamber of Commerce has launched Incoterms® 2020, an update of the renowned regulations that define the responsibilities of buyers and sellers operating in the international trade system.

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