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If you would like to co-organise a World Chambers Congress (WCC) in your country with ICC WCF,

Since the debut of the World Chambers Congress more than a decade ago, ICC WCF has seen chambers lining up to host the event which has become the international forum for chamber leaders to network and learn about new areas of innovation from their peers around the world.

Just like the location of the Congress which rotates between different continents, did you know that the World Chambers Congress has a different organiser every two year?

Who can bid to co-organise a World Chambers Congress in its country?

The bid must be led by a chamber. This chamber should be an ICC WCF member. If this not the case, don’t worry, it’s easy to join us! Just get in touch with us.

You can learn more about the Congress rotation policy below 

Reasons to bid to co-organise the World Chambers Congress  

  • Exposure 

The Congress opens doors to a variety of international business opportunities. Your Chamber can expect to receive significant international exposure in welcoming over 1,000 influential delegates, many of whom are Chamber leaders, giving your Chamber a worldwide stage.  

  • Networks  

In welcoming so many high profile delegates, your Chamber will stage the perform platform for meaningful networking opportunities. Your Chamber president and other senior officials also have the opportunity to welcome and address the Congress delegates.  

  • Finance  

The co-organiser can also expect to generate substantial revenue.  For example, this can include 40% of the total gained from registration fees as well as all the revenue from exhibitors and local sponsorship.  

  • Business  

The benefits of the Congress are long lasting, carrying over even after the event. Your chamber will have the ability to positively stimulate the local economy by showcasing your city and/or region to our Congress delegates. This is an opportunity for local businesses to forge lasting and meaningful links with other enterprises from around the world.

When to bid for the World Chambers Congress?

It is never too early to submit your letter of intent. In fact, we encourage you to submit your letters well in advance of the year the Congress is being held in your region. But the chamber should at least send us a letter of interest 3 years before the Congress will take place in its region, by 1 March. For example, if you want to host the Congress in 2025 in the Asia-Pacific region, you need to send us your letter of interest by the first of 1 March of 2022.

Why bidding for the World Chambers Congress at least 3 years before? 

This allows your chamber to demonstrate its candidacy for the event in editions prior to the year of the bid decision, and attend or even sponsor them. This also provides your chamber adequate time to generate local and national support from chambers, companies and government.