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SME360X is a user-friendly digital assessment tool to measure, benchmark and economically value the impact of business operations on the environment.

Driven by our commitment to accelerate sustainability and climate action, ICC co-developed SME360X with GIST Impact to support organisations that want to engage small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their global and corporate sustainability efforts to minimise emissions and reach global net zero targets.

What is SME360X?

SME360X is a user-friendly digital assessment tool to measure, benchmark and economically value the impact of business operations on the environment.

By providing SME360X to SMEs and other suppliers in the value chain, multinational corporates, financial institutions and governments can assess environmental performances and impacts across value chains and take action.

With SME360X, it is possible to generate an environmental impact report with some basic company details: geographic location, sector and sub-sector, number of employees and revenue. Previously collected company data on sustainability is not a must but can be included to make the report more robust.

The report presents impact information in the following areas: greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, water and land pollution, water usage, waste generation and land use change.

Benefits of SME360X:

  • Uses rigorous scientific and economic modeling capabilities to fill gaps in company sustainability data which SMEs might not yet collect.
  • Awards an ICC certification to SMEs who complete SME360X’s environmental impact assessment journey.
  • Includes an aggregator dashboard for corporates, supply chain leaders and financial institutions, helping them gain more visibility on the environmental impacts across their value chains and networks.
  • Provides industry benchmarking, insights and recommendations for supply chain members, like SMEs, to continuously improve their environmental footprint.

Who can benefit from SME360X?

  1. Multinational corporates and supply chain leaders
    Gain more visibility on their supply chains and encourage supply chain members to become more sustainable and minimise their scope 3 emissions and environmental impacts.
  2. Financial institutions
    Review the environmental performance of portfolio businesses and incentivise improvement by potentially providing more attractive rates to more sustainable businesses.
  3. Governments
    Reach sustainability related policy objectives and foster innovation to create more resilient value chains.

How does SME360X work?

Supply chain members and SMEs can benefit from the intuitive and hassle-free SME360X user experience and follow this five-step process to start their green transition journey:

  1. Input: Input your business information into the user-friendly and intuitive platform.
  2. Benchmark: Compare your environmental performance against the industry average thanks to a score.
  3. Analyse: Use the insights of the report to analyse the impact of your business operations on various environmental areas
  4. Decide: leverage the recommendations and findings to take data-driven decisions.
  5. Act: Act on your sustainability targets and track progress over time

For more information, please contact Ana Bernal, ICC Business Development Coordinator.