Policy Statement Foreign Direct Investment

Policy Statement Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment – Promoting and Protecting a Key Pillar For Sustainable Development and Growth

Investment, including foreign direct investment (FDI), plays an important role in determining a country’s economic prospects. ICC strongly supports FDI as an effective tool to foster economic growth and sustainable development, and calls on governments to both maintain and strengthen investment protection and promotion agreements.

In the short and medium term, this can be done through high-standard bilateral and regional investment agreements, and in the longer term, through an equally high-standard multilateral framework on investment. Investment agreements should continue to include strong dispute resolution provisions, through investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) with independent proceedings to settle investment disputes.

Eight policy pillars for investing in sustainable development:

1. Investment policy
2. Investment protection
3. Dispute settlement
4. Sectoral restrictions
5. State-owned enterprises (SOEs)
6. National security reviews
7. “Forced Localization” provisions
8. Multilateral framework on investment


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