ICC Dispute Resolution Statistics: 2020

A comprehensive statistical report providing an overview of ICC’s record dispute resolution figures for 2020.

The ICC Dispute Resolution Statistics report offers an in-depth breakdown of the numbers behind the continued growth of ICC Arbitration and ICC Mediation worldwide for 2020. 

The annual ICC Dispute Resolution Statistics report provides an overview of the cases administered by the ICC International Court of Arbitration and the ICC International Centre for ADR.

In 2020, the ICC Court registered a total of 946 new cases – the highest number of cases registered since 2016, when a complex cluster of small disputes effectuated a marked increase in the statistics. Of the 946 registered cases, 929 were held under the trusted ICC Rules of Arbitration and 17 under the ICC Appointing Authority Rules. The 2020 figures also revealed the highest number of parties involved in cases and appointments or confirmations of arbitrators. Other records include the geographical diversity of arbitrators and places of arbitration.

The ICC Centre also unveiled a record year with 77 new cases registered under the ICC Rules of Mediation, Expert Rules and DOCDEX Rules. This is the largest number of cases registered with the Centre in the period of a year to date. The cases consisted of 45 mediations, 22 expertise proceedings, seven requests for DOCDEX decisions and three Dispute Board proceedings.

The statistics highlighted in the report cover the following areas of interest:

  • parties: numbers, nationalities, states and state entities
  • subject and size of disputes
  • arbitral tribunals: constitution; numbers and nationalities of arbitrators appointed and confirmed; gender; repeat appointments; incidents affecting the composition of arbitral tribunals during the proceedings
  • applicable law chosen by the parties
  • places selected as seats of ICC Arbitrations
  • length of proceedings
  • awards

The ICC Dispute Resolution Statistics report is available to the public free of charge and readily available to download here or via the ICC DRS app. Statistical reports for previous years are available on the Dispute Resolution Channel of the ICC Digital Library.

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