ICC BASCAP KYC Best Practices Maritime Operators

ICC BASCAP Know-your-customer best practices for maritime operators

Know Your Customer Best Practices for Maritime Operators under the Declaration of Intent
to Prevent the Maritime Transportation of Counterfeit Goods.

In November 2016, as part of efforts to combat the transportation of counterfeit goods, BASCAP member-companies, vessels operators, and freight forwarders came together to sign a Declaration of Intent (“DOI”) to prevent the maritime transportation of counterfeit goods. From that point, signatories have worked together intensively to develop “best practices” in various areas for operators throughout the maritime industry to tackle the issue of counterfeit goods within the supply chain.

This “Best Practices in Know Your Customer (KYC) for Maritime Operators” paper provides voluntary and recommended practices by which Maritime Operators can work as a first step to ensure that their customers are engaged in legitimate trade.

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