ICAO-ICC Joint Statement

International civil aviation operations require the coordinated actions of multiple stakeholders. As a result, any efforts to restart international aviation and ensure its sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic requires the cooperation of relevant public and private parties.

The Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Dr. Fang Liu, and the Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Mr. John Denton, have agreed to work closely to ensure exchange of information and views between the international civil aviation
and business communities. The two leaders acknowledged the centrality of international aviation in global economic and social development, its status as a vital enabler of travel, tourism and trade and its crucial importance in the movement of essential medical equipment and humanitarian aid. Businesses across these diverse domains rely on international aviation and consequently cooperation between the UN specialised agency for international civil aviation and the institutional representative of the global business community should be enhanced especially to share information and perspectives to identify priorities and align measures where appropriate, so as to support efforts to drive a more resilient economic recovery.