Trade & investment

The need for investment in port and freight transportation infrastructure

  • 11 November 2016

The ICC Committee on Maritime Transport, which brings together maritime transport providers and transport users, calls on all parties in the international supply chain to work together in planning and arranging for the necessary expansion and efficient usage of freight transportation infrastructure supporting ports, for the benefit of world trade.

Around the world, freight transportation infrastructure into and from ports and to the regions they serve is increasingly incapable of adequately handling current cargo volumes. These volumes are expected to rise further. Infrastructure must keep up with the pace of international trade.

Freight industry stakeholders and public authorities must act now to eliminate infrastructure bottlenecks and to ensure the smooth flow of international cargo shipments.

ICC, the world business organization, urges ports and freight transportation infrastructure operators and public authorities around the world to consider that:

  • the current situation of inadequate port and freight transport capacity around the world harms world trade;
  • the demand for such capacity will continue to rise;
  • public authorities should develop and implement the necessary planning and investment tools for the expansion of port and freight transportation infrastructure; and
  • public authorities should ensure adequate funding for required infrastructure developments.

The international business community calls for immediate steps to ensure an adequate freight transportation infrastructure is in place to facilitate and move world trade effectively and efficiently – today and in the long term.