What would Leonardo Da Vinci make of today’s innovation environment?

  • 15 April 2016
Intellectual Property

Today at ICC we are celebrating the birthday of Leonardo Da Vinci, born on this day five hundred and sixty-four years ago.

To mark the anniversary of the man recognized worldwide for his creativity and inventiveness, we are asking ourselves what the great man himself would think about today’s innovation landscape and if he would approve of ICC’s recently released Principles for Creating and Nurturing Innovation Ecosystems for High-Tech Industries.

Nurturing innovation and a dynamic global economy

From creating the first ever designs for a humanoid robot, “The Robot Knight”, to inventions that influenced the modern world of manufacturing, Da Vinci is recognized as one of the world’s most ingenious inventors of all time. As such we think he would have shared our belief that building investor confidence, promoting technological collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, protecting intellectual property,  and opening markets are paramount to encouraging innovation and the development of knowledge-based industries.

A man reputed for making connections, Da Vinci, were he alive today, would surely have acknowledged that a supportive policy environment can play are key to creating and nurturing innovation ecosystems – as well as in building the necessary confidence for investments in innovative ventures.

Inspiration where it counts…

Da Vinci’s life and works could certainly serve as an example for us to be more innovative and creative. But ICC’s innovation principles offer a more practical way of guiding policymakers in creating policy frameworks that enable innovation, especially in high-technology industries. In fact, we’re convinced he would have joined ICC efforts to encourage policymakers to establish sound policy frameworks that foster innovation through:

  • Building investor confidence
  • Training skilled workers
  • Building a climate that promotes knowledge exchange
  • Opening markets to trade and investment
  • Ensuring adequate IP systems to incentivise investment in innovation and
  • Promoting technological collaboration

Simply put…

While Da Vinci set down over 13,000 pages of notes and drawings, ICC’s Innovation Principles expand upon the above six central principles in a concise, practical and downloadable two-page document. What’s more, policymakers will be relieved to know that that we haven’t used Leonardo’s unusual form of mirror writing…

ICC Innovation Principles for Policymakers

Download a copy of the ICC Innovation Principles for Policymakers.