Competitive markets

Patrick Hubert joins Competition Commission leadership

  • 10 February 2014

ICC welcomes Patrick Hubert, Partner at Clifford Chance Europe, as a new Vice-Chair of the ICC Commission on Competition. Mr Hubert will commence his new role on 12 March 2014.

Mr Hubert, new Chair of the ICC Task Force on Premerger Control Regimes
Mr Hubert, new Chair of the ICC Task Force on Premerger Control Regimes

Mr Hubert heads the Antitrust Practice Group at the Paris office of Clifford Chance. He brings with him extensive governmental and public experience, having served as Deputy Head of Staff (1995-1997) and Head of Staff (2002-2004) of two French ministers of justice, as well as Legal and Legislative Advisor to the President of Senegal (1992-1995).

In addition to his role as a Vice-Chair, Mr Hubert will continue to lead the work of the ICC Task Force on Premerger Control Regimes which is currently focusing on the harmonization of merger control regimes using the International Competition Network’s (ICN) Recommended Practices for Merger Control Notification and Review Procedures as a reference.

“It is an honour to be appointed as Competition Vice-Chair, and I look forward to assisting the commission leadership in carrying out its ambitious mandate for 2014,” Mr Hubert said. “Over the last year, the ICC Commission on Competition has proven its authority in rule writing and policy advocacy with the publication of the ICC Antitrust
Compliance Toolkit
.  I have no doubt that this commission can make a valuable contribution in other international antitrust areas.”

Paul Lugard, Commission Chair and Partner at Baker Botts said: “Patrick will be an excellent addition to our leadership team. In particular, his many years of experience in various areas of French and European competition law in addition to his experience on the African Continent will help drive the commission’s efforts to engage in that region.”

The ICC Commission on Competition ensures that modern business needs and the realities of global markets are taken into account in the improvement and implementation of competition laws and policies. The commission contributes business expertise and experience to the work of ICN in areas of competition policy implementation, unilateral conduct, cartels and mergers. In addition, it conveys the business perspective to international discussions on due process principles in competition law. The commission provides input to proposals on EU competition law reform in areas such as vertical restraints, horizontal agreements and enforcement by private parties.

Commission task forces currently focus on compliance and advocacy, due process, International Competition Network, leniency, merger control regimes, private enforcement in the EU, and technology transfer.