Mediation and Arbitration can perfectly coexist

  • 12 December 2013
ICC Arbitration and ADR

The Kluwer mediation blog published on 9 December a post written by Rafal Morek, K&L Gates LLP, about the new ICC Mediation Rules, which summarizes the spirit of the new Rules.

As Morek points out, the two main features of the ICC Mediation Rules are “simplicity” and “flexibility” and holds that as a top provider of high quality arbitration services worldwide, the ICC is in a privileged position to seek to “copy” its own success in the broader field of ADR.

The blog post also focuses on the fact that mediation is no enemy or competitor to arbitration but that both services can perfectly coexist and develop together, as Morek says, in “a truly “win-win” paradigm”.

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